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 "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever happened. "
- Margaret Mead

Climate Academy

At a time when students around the world are boycotting their schools on Fridays to raise awareness about climate change in society, protest and demand concrete action for our planet and the future of our children.
During this time, we would like to help ensure that information and education become a central and visible part of society's response to climate change. We want to ensure that this knowledge is applied effectively. In personal life, in the family, in the club, in the company, at the municipal and state level.
Our climate academy aims to provide the knowledge needed to understand climate change, and to provide skills and tools to understand its causes and consequences.

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Our earth is running out of time! Resources are being used up more quickly, CO2 levels are rising and poles and glaciers are melting.
A person who lives in a modern industrial country currently generates a total of around 15 tons of CO2 per year through their lifestyle (diet, movement, consumer behavior). In order to absorb one ton of CO2, a beech has to grow for around 80 years. This means that a beech binds 12.5 kilograms of greenhouse gas every year. So we have to plant 80 trees to get one ton of CO2 per year through trees balance.

Balance is required everywhere - in a healthy nature, in a healthy body or in man-made work. Without balance there is no beauty, no health and no happiness!

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With your donation you support by paying the editorial costs, the server environment and investing in CO2-neutralizing projects such as planting trees, storing CO2 and renewable energies.

Why are we doing this?

As we all know, digital platforms are consuming more and more energy and can therefore contribute to global warming. For this reason, and in order to be at least CO2-neutral, we do everything we can to avoid the emission of greenhouse gases and to reduce the gases already present in our atmosphere.
As we at try to reach everyone around the world, all courses and news are offered for free. Education must not be a privilege, it must be free for everyone.
And we know: Mankind must be informed about the impending global climate crisis in order to be able to save our planet!

Humanity dies from ignorance and denial of science!

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